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Heena Decorations in India

Heena Decorations in India

Heena also known, as Mehndi is an ancient art done on the body with the paste of powdered leaves of the Heena plant. Application of natural Heena or Mehndi on the skin is a type of short-term tattoo and lasts for around 2 weeks. The leaves of the Heena plant when mixed with oil and water and applied to the hair or skin leave a reddish brown color, that can last for several days. Originated in India, Africa and Middle East, Heena Decorations in India is popular worldwide.

An integral part of Indian wedding, Heena Decorations play a very vital role and has a whole ceremony dedicated to it. Mehndi or Mehndi Rasam in India is an important ceremony where the bride's hands and feet are decorated beautifully with Heena or Mehndi designs. Application of Heena or Mehndi is also regarded one of the Solah Shringars, which a bride undergoes during her wedding.

Mehndi or Heena comes in different shades, ranging from reddish orange to brown black. There are various types of Mehndi or Heena decorations applied on the skin. The fine Mehndi designs are applied on both hands and feet. Heena Decorations in India mainly include geometric designs, figurative motifs, vine patterns and religious symbols etc.
Heena tattoo or Heena designs are so popular theses days that, there ready mix is easily available in the market and also a ready made stencil to help you apply it. But the most common way of applying the Mehndi is through the professional Mehndi artists.

It is often said that unless proportion of Heena mixture is right, it does not gives the desired color. Following is the right way of preparing a Heena mixture:

Take ground Heena Powder and add tea, Coffee, Cloves, lemon and sugar to it to enhance the color of Heena. Then add few drops of oil and mix it well till to get a semi solid consistency. Then leave the Heena mixture for 2-3 hours and your Heena mixture is ready. Now, apply the Mehndi with a toothpick or a ready made cone and let it dry for minimum of 3 hours for proper color. While the Mehndi is drying you can also add lemon juice with sugar so that the paste remains on the skin and does not flake away. Once the Mehndi is dry, flake of the dry Mehndi and remember not to wash the applied area for at least 12 hours for better color.

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